Salesforce for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a sea change; the global business environment has become uncertain and supply chains across the world are disrupted, Salesforce provides the ideal solutions to overcome the challenges of manufacturing organizations.

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Innovative Solutions to Enable Manufacturers Stay on the Top of Their Game  

Solunus - Trusted Salesforce Partner for Manufacturers

Over the years, Solunus has helped several manufacturers unleash the power of Salesforce to achieve rapid growth and ensure delighted clientele. Our uncompromising emphasis on understanding the needs of manufacturing companies enables us to develop the perfect Salesforce solutions.



Work with a highly experienced team to identify opportunities for enhancing efficiency and growth



Leverage Mulesoft and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate data with Salesforce



Come up with a comprehensive work plan that empowers you to reach your revenue goals



Migrate data in your legacy system to Salesforce very easily, with zero disruption to your business



Configure the Salesforce solution, test it comprehensively and provide high-quality training



Ensure you make optimal use of system capacity and enjoy high levels of flexibility


Cloud-based Solutions to Maximize Revenues of Manufacturers

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CRM Life Cycle Adapted to Help Manufacturers Leverage Salesforce

A good understanding of the CRM life cycle helps manufacturing companies track their relationship with customers at every stage, thereby facilitating excellent experiences at all touchpoints. Many companies rely on the CRM lifecycle comprising 5 stages viz. discovery, sales, fulfillment, service and rediscovery. At Solunus, we have adapted this 5-stage CRM cycle to meet the unique needs of the manufacturing sector and help them leverage Salesforce to smoothly complete the lifecycle. Most manufacturers use Salesforce to execute a few phases of the lifecycle using Salesforce but find it hard to complete all phases using the innovative platform. We help overcome this problem and enable manufacturing firms to harness the power of Salesforce to implement all phases of the CRM lifecycle seamlessly.

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What Manufacturers Can Expect from Solunus

At Solunus, we empower manufacturers to fully harness the immense power of Salesforce to delight their customers and cement their customer relationships. We help you:


Accelerate the execution of the sales cycle


Enable complete visibility of all customer activities


Get the big picture of all sales opportunities


Provide highly personalized services to customers


Share the right information with customers in a timely manner

Decisive Competitive Edge with Our Innovative Solutions




Growth in Work Order Processing Efficiencies

of Customer Complaints Are Resolved on the First Contact

Reduction in Manual Processing of Tasks


View of Operational and Sales Data


Increase in Productivity of Service Reps

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Case Study

Empowering a Manufacturing Firm to Enhance Efficiency with a Custom App