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How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Fuels Your B2B And B2C Marketing Campaigns

Want to drive your organization’s efforts of selling, marketing, and customer engagement anytime, from any part of the world? Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is your answer! SFMC is a holistic solution that presents all the technologies, tools, and immense capabilities that marketers need in this technologically-advanced age.

From email automation and inbound marketing to social listening and data consolidation, your team can benefit from the incredible capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In this blog, we’ll understand how SFMC can drive your B2B and B2C marketing initiatives and help you achieve your business goals, in detail.

How SFMC Boosts Your B2B And B2C Marketing Campaigns?

Optimize End-to-End Customer Journeys

As a robust planning tool, Journey Builder, a tool of SFMC, helps you design and automate your marketing campaigns effortlessly. If you’re currently using an online whiteboard for your customer journey maps and campaign planning, you can consider switching to Journey Builder to optimize your campaigns across all touchpoints be it single send, multi-step or transactional journeys. With the help of Salesforce Einstein AI for Marketing Cloud, you can come up with targeted marketing campaigns and track all your customer engagement metrics within the Journey builder interface.

Leverage New-age Marketing Channels (Digital Advertising and Mobile Marketing)

Using a single channel for reaching out to customers is now a thing of the past. Thanks to the incredible technology that has been transforming the landscape of businesses, marketers can now not only leverage email campaigns, social media marketing but also online advertising, mobile messaging and other digital channels to reach their customers. We’ll now look at how SFMC enables marketers to connect with customers and prospects across every touchpoint, thereby ensuring the success of their marketing campaigns.

Harness Unified Digital Advertising

You can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns at scale by combining both email and advertising to present a personalized cross-channel experience that is consistent and to increase your conversions significantly.

Today, most customers use their email addresses to sign into almost every app and social account. Marketers can run email campaigns and leverage them to redirect prospects to personalized advertisements on websites, mobile apps or social media channels. With Marketing Cloud, you can create targeted advertising campaigns that comply with the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) guidelines.

SFMC lets you launch synchronized digital display ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Also, you can design connected advertising journeys across mobile, e-mail, and Facebook. However, to implement this, you need to have the features of both Journey Builder and Advertising Studio enabled in your Marketing Cloud dashboard.

Reach Customers in Real Time with Mobile Marketing