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Leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud Studios for Better Customer Relationships

Personalization is the key to any successful marketing campaign in the digital ecosystem. And Salesforce Marketing Cloud can strengthen your omnichannel marketing strategy and create winning marketing campaigns that produce results. Whether it's B2B or B2C marketing campaigns, Marketing Cloud from Salesforce is a testament to remarkable innovation and evidence of how the future of marketing will be. Today, let’s understand how different Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools work and how they can drive your business growth.

Suite of Online Marketing Cloud Tools

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Customer journey mapping is a strategic approach to understand your user expectations better and optimize that experience. For large enterprises and small businesses alike, the customer journey plays a key role by helping them create personalized experiences across all touchpoints. As per a Salesforce State of Marketing Report, about 73 percent of high-performing marketers claim that customer journeys increase customer engagement and have a positive impact on customers. So, by building a roadmap for your customers, you can track their behavior and intent at every stage of the customer life cycle.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder, you can personalize customer journeys at every stage of the customer life cycle at a large scale easily. Marketers can identify various touchpoints and customer interactions and use different event-driven triggers like cart abandonment and app downloads to respond to customers proactively to deliver the right messages to customers at the right time.

Journey Builder solves yet another major problem for marketers. It unifies marketing, services and sales teams by allowing them to effectively utilize content created for various channels such as emails, SMS and social media ads to ensure consistent messaging throughout the customer journey.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder, you can listen to customer cues, connect your marketing channels to provide a seamless experience, use pre-defined templates for customer interactions based on their behavior, interact with them at a personal level and measure and improve the experiences you provide, as you go. Let’s understand this in detail.

Listen to Customer Cues

Use customer data to identify customer needs and expectations and understand them better. Later, utilize Journey Builder to create customer journeys that align with these behaviors and tailor them based on how they interact with your content.

Interact at a Personal Level

Optimize customer journeys by predicting the outcomes of user intent using Salesforce Einstein AI for Marketing Cloud and Machine Learning (ML) and by sending test messages across different channels. This journey mapping system enables you to respond to changes in customer behavior rapidly. For instance, you can immediately open a case and add it to the journey when you find a customer that made a purchase is not happy with it.

Use Pre-defined Templates to Interact with Customers Based on Their Behaviors

Use content that is personalized across the customer journey based on user behaviors. For example, send welcome emails for the ones who joined newly on board.

Connect Marketing Channels for a Seamless Experience

With Journey Builder, you can create customer journey maps to build interactions and visualize touchpoints across every team in the organization, so that sales and service teams communicate the appropriate message consistently across social media, your website, mobile, apps and emails.

Measure and Improve

Also, you can use Journey Builder’s analytics capabilities to define your goals and measure business performance across various channels and throughout customer lifecycle. The impact of each step can be measured to make your approach adaptable to enhance future experiences.

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

When it comes to online marketing, nothing beats email marketing. The reason is, marketers get an ROI of $38 for every dollar spent on this channel. The Email Studio of Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you send emails individually to boost engagement through every stage of the customer journey.

You might be wondering why personalization is given utmost importance when it comes to email marketing. Every prospect receives tons of emails on any given day. In this fight for attention, marketers need to tailor content to stand out to reach their goals. Through email personalization, you can boost open rates and click-through rates significantly.

You can create powerful and effective campaigns by leveraging data from email and social interactions, prospect calls and Salesforce’s AI-enabled predictions throughout the customer lifecycle and drive engagement at every stage.

Automation tools allow you to send emails, create delivery reports and perform many other activities enabling you concentrate on other tasks where your attention is more required. The Email Studio of Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you carefully craft emails and send them either individually or in bulk to subscribers with just a few clicks.

Email studio helps you create laser-focused targeted campaigns and automate them at scale. It enables you to create static and dynamic emails without writing a single line of code, optimize email performance through A/B testing and increase email conversions through predictive intelligence using Salesforce Einstein.

Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio

Mobile Studio helps you leverage your Marketing Cloud data and reach out to customers by sending personalized text messages, group messages and push notifications on the go. With more than half of the world’s population using smartphones, this is one channel that you can never miss out on.

This application of Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you take advantage of the smartphone craze across the world with three useful elements viz. MobileConnect, MobilePush, and GroupConnect.

  • MobileConnect helps you create and automate promotional, transactional and response messages to increase user engagement through SMS and MMS.

  • MobilePush allows you to target users based on their location and demographics, increase your mobile app engagement by letting you send real-time notifications, alerts and reminders. It also enables you to measure the engagement and improve your campaigns.

  • GroupConnect helps you engage in conversations with active chat app users, capture their preferences and other relevant data. Also, it helps you target your customers with rich--quality content like stickers and links. To accomplish this, Salesforce uses the LINE app. While your team can utilize many of the pre-built message templates to respond to prospects, customers can select various options from the chat to keep the conversations going.

With these three tools, you’ll be fully equipped to stay on top of your customers’ minds and help them stay connected to you.

Mobile Studio helps you capture data, create and send targeted messages, automate mobile marketing activities, drive your overall app engagement and align mobile with the remaining marketing channels seamlessly.

Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio

Interaction studio, as its name suggests, is a real-time customer engagement tool of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that lets you manage every customer touchpoint in detail. It enables you to you visualize, track, engage and manage customer experiences, so that you can deliver relevant content at every customer lifecycle stage on the go.

Insights can be gathered from digital and offline channels to understand how customers engage with your business. With Interaction Studio, you can visualize this data easily, which will help you better understand how customers are moving and interacting through various lifecycle stages. With this information, you can create content that nudges them towards the next stage of the customer lifecycle or re-engage lost customers.

Let’s understand how Interaction Studio exactly works.

  • Website visitors will initially get a Tracking ID that helps you track their movements at various touchpoints on any device in real-time.

  • Next, you can create actions based on the customer activity at different touchpoints. For instance, if a website visitor has shown interest in a particular service, you can respond to this activity in the following direction. “If the customer visited the service page more than three times, display relevant content about the specific service on other web pages, social media, and other channels.”

  • Your prospect may see your targeted ads about the service he’s shown interest in. By doing so, you’re personalizing customer experiences that head in the direction of lead generation and eventually lead conversion.

Interaction Studio allows you to go beyond the digital touchpoints, gather customer insights across diverse channels, create contextually relevant experiences and enable smooth cross-team communication.

Marketing Cloud Salesforce DMP

DMP from Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a data management platform that enables you to identify audiences. Formerly known as Krux, this tool lets you capture data from Salesforce and other external platforms thoroughly and organize them into detailed customer profiles.

One of the pillars of a successful campaign is getting a comprehensive view of your target audience. The more you learn about your prospects and existing customers, the better you can cater to their needs, expectations and preferences. Salesforce DMP helps you filter your audience thoroughly by gathering first-party data across various channels in a few clicks. Later, it allows you to supplement this data with second-party information from Data Studio to fill in any gaps, so that you can get a clear picture of your customers.

Now with this information, you can segment your audiences, create buyer personas to target them with laser-focused ad campaigns and analyze which of these will perform the best. This helps you decide how to distribute your resources across various channels. Also, you can use Salesforce Einstein for Marketing Cloud to get deeper insights. Once you’ve launched your campaigns, you can track, analyze and fine-tune your marketing efforts accordingly.

From helping you obtain new insights and access premium data sources to build comprehensive customer profiles and control and manage data accessibility, DMP lets you have total control over your data.

Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio