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Unleash the Power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Business Success

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

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The success of the new-age business revolves around the customer. As customers increasingly demand first-rate experiences, companies must ensure high levels of personalization and deliver products of the best quality to delight their buyers.


Many organizations are relying on cutting-edge technologies to connect seamlessly with their clients and meet their unique needs. One of the most widely used tools to enhance marketing efficiencies and provide excellent customer satisfaction is Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive platform that empowers you to ensure excellent customer engagement and seamless 1-to-1 buying journeys. The innovative application helps you automate your marketing campaigns and optimize them by making the best use of data.

Enabling Seamless Client Communication with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Send millions of personalized marketing e-mails in minutes; get 38x ROI on e-mail marketing efforts

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Ensure seamless, fully connected customer experiences; automate customer interactions without hassles and optimize costs


Harness the mobile to achieve marketing success; make the best use of SMS, MMS and mobile apps to connect with customers

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Unleash the power of social media to reach out to customers with high efficacy; integrate social media initiatives with service and sales functions easily

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Combine cutting-edge CRM technology with ad platforms to drive growth; enjoy 47% higher engagement on advertisements


Make the best use of data to come up with the winning campaigns; utilize the latest AI-powered tools to get the right insights in real time

Novel Marketing Cloud Solutions to Empower the Winning Marketing Efforts

Journey Builder
Audience Builder
Personalization Builder
Content Builder
Analytics Builder
Marketing Cloud Connect
E-mail Studio
Interaction Studio
Advertising Studio
Mobile Studio
Salesforce CDP

Why Solunus for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Why Choose Solunus for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC).PNG
Unleashing the Power of Marketing Cloud for an Environmental Company.JPG

Case Study

Unleashing the Power of Marketing Cloud for an Environmental Company

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