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Chief Business Officer


Malini leads the formulation and execution of strategic plans to achieve Solunus’ long-term objectives in southern Africa. She is responsible for identifying potential opportunities for growth in the region and oversees the management of sales and marketing activities ensuring revenue targets are met.

She brings more than 2 decades of rich experience of leading financial, strategy development and operational teams. Her innate ability to quickly analyze complex business situations enables her to come up with the right solutions that drive growth and success.

Malini is adept at striking the perfect balance between strategic objectives and operational imperatives. Her strong focus on customer-centricity coupled with her encyclopedic understanding of the African technological landscape goes a long way in creating the best value for our clientele.

She is the founder and CEO of CestaSoft Solutions, a digital transformation solutions provider based in South Africa. She was also associated with various reputed organizations such as Discovery, AfroCentric Technologies, LexisNexis, Patni Computers (now Capgemini), BT Group (formerly (British Telecom), Virgin Mobile, Disney, MTN Group and Naspers Limited.

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