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Director Solutions


Working as a Director Solutions for Solunus Inc., Dilip Singh is very keen on developing Solunus’ technical expertise and aims to move it up the ladder from Silver to Gold partnership with Salesforce. He currently leads and executes the research and development initiatives at Solunus and performs pre-sales activities. With over 11 years of experience, Dilip is skilled at migrating from legacy systems (such as Siebel and SharePoint) to Salesforce. He has hands-on experience in integrating Salesforce with SAP, Siebel and on-premise systems. Dilip is instrumental in implementing and launching solutions on Salesforce Communities.

He boasts that he derives his strength from his family and loves to spend time with his newborn baby girl. He is tech-savvy and one can find him always working on Salesforce and mastering new technologies.

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