Unlocking the Potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for a Bookseller

Our Solutions

  • We implemented a robust contact and data management model

  • Our experts developed a seamless cookie tracking system

  • We implemented Marketing Cloud to automate e-mail campaigns

  • Our team integrated social and mobile marketing platforms with Sales Cloud

  • We also migrated data from all existing systems into Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Our specialists ensured all data could be accessed through mobile devices

  • We created real-time reports and dashboards

Unlocking the Potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for a Bookseller

Client Challenges

  • The client was unable to track the changing interests, demands and behaviors of target customers

  • They were unable to deliver personalized content and offerings

  • The client’s data on marketing activities lay scattered across various systems, resulting in poor visibility

  • They sent marketing e-mails manually, resulting in considerable loss of time

  • The strategies adopted for social media marketing and ad management were ineffective

  • The client suffered from poor customer-experience levels

Business Outcomes

  • The client is able to seamlessly track customer preferences and buying behaviours

  • They are able to deliver personalized content, product recommendations and marketing offers to customers resulting in 1-on-1 bonds

  • They now have 100% visibility of data in real time

  • The client’s e-mail campaigns are now fully automated

  • They now have the ability to track activities across the web, social media and other channels dynamically from a single platform

  • They are able to monitor brand reputation across the channels in real time

  • A 50% increase in inbound and outbound lead generation


Marketing Cloud Implementation Helps Overcome Customer Engagement and Data Visibility Problems, Resulting in a 30% Growth of Business and Strong, Personalized Customer Relationships