Unleashing the Power of Marketing Cloud for an Environmental Company

Our Solutions

  • We configured Salesforce DMP to provide a single view of marketing data

  • Our team implemented a robust customer engagement model to deliver personalized messages using Interaction Studio

  • We developed a system that automatically alerts the sales team when a lead is generated

  • Our experts developed real-time reports and dashboards for effective analysis of data

  • We created a unified framework for multiple social media advertising efforts

  • Our specialists set up an automated system to capture key social media marketing metrics

Unleashing the Power of Marketing Cloud for an Environmental Company

Client Challenges

  • The client had multiple sources of data, which resulted in the inability to take rapid action

  • The quality of customer engagement was very low

  • Poor coordination with sales teams (inside and outside) resulted in missed opportunities

  • The absence of an effective data analytics and forecasting system was having a major impact

  • There was no mechanism to measure the effectiveness of social media ads

Business Outcomes

  • The client was able to take decisions 45% faster

  • Their customer satisfaction levels improved by 40%

  • The teams now coordinate very effectively, resulting in lead volumes rising by 30%

  • A complete picture of marketing efforts

  • Social media marketing operations are now monitored very effectively

  • An increase of 25% in ROI on marketing


The Implementation of Marketing Cloud Eliminates Problems with Multiple Data Sources and Poor Customer Engagement, Resulting in a 25% Increase in ROI on Marketing and a 34% Enhancement in Lead Conversion Rate