Leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud for a Software Product Company

Our Solutions

  • We implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud with standard capabilities – Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead and Quote

  • Our team defined an effective process for migration to Sales Cloud

  • We also developed a robust process to manage historical data

  • Our experts set up a hassle-free product pricing management process

  • We defined reports and dashboards for various business metrics

Leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud for a Software Product Company

Client Challenges

  • Spreadsheet-based manual operations resulted in low productivity and frequent errors

  • A lot of time was wasted in updating spreadsheets and managing the updates

  • Poor collaboration resulted in missed opportunities

  • No effective data analytics and forecasting capabilities

  • Security of sales data was a major concern; there was no proper mechanism to control data access

Business Outcomes

  • A 40% increase in rep productivity

  • The ability to analyze sales data effectively and make accurate forecasts

  • An 80% reduction in manual processing of tasks

  • Hassle-free communication and collaboration between various teams

  • The management team can get a unified view of sales operations

  • Data is handled in a secure manner

  • A 30% increase in sales revenue


The Implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud Helps Overcome the Problems with Manual Operations, Enhancing Sales Revenue by 30% and Rep Productivity by 40%