Helping an IT Firm Enjoy the Benefits of Salesforce Lightning (Service Cloud)

Our Solutions

  • We delivered Salesforce Lightning’s guided selling experience

  • Our experts standardized and automated the sales process

  • We also used Kanban views to provide sales information

  • Our team re-designed data flows and components for the sales processes

  • We enabled multiple price books for global sales operations

  • Our specialists created real-time, geo-specific reports and dashboards to monitor sales KPIs

Helping an IT Firm Enjoy the Benefits of Salesforce Lightning (Service Cloud)

Client Challenges

  • User adoption levels were not very high

  • Sales productivity was low due to slow access to required information

  • No proper system of data analytics for real time organizational overview

  • Inability to track opportunities, which resulted in lower conversion rates

  • Absence of an effective end-to-end sales process (lead-to-closure)

Business Outcomes

  • The client reported a 45% increase in user adoption

  • A 30% improvement in their sales productivity

  • A single, hassle-free view of the entire business of the client

  • Vastly improved visualization and reporting capabilities of their sales team

  • The client is now able to handle opportunities very effectively

  • Seamless collaboration and workflows resulted in a 25% increase in revenue


Effective Transition to Salesforce Lightning from Salesforce Classic Resolves User Adoption and Productivity Issues, Resulting in a 25% Increase in Revenue and a 30% Improvement in Sales Productivity