Helping an IT Company Leverage the Power of Sales Cloud

Our Solutions

  • We automated pricing and discount approval via multi-tier approval rules.

  • Our team created a page for adding all products

  • We integrated existing credit card services for automated payment processing.

  • Our specialists automated the renewal opportunity workflow; they also created batch classes and apex triggers to facilitate smooth renewal journeys

  • Created SAP callouts

Helping an IT Company Leverage the Power of Sales Cloud

Client Challenges

  • The client used Zuora for customer pricing and subscription management, and this involved paying a huge license renewal and maintenance fee

  • They used 3 systems- Salesforce, Zuora and SAP, resulting in information synchronization problems

  • Salesforce was was not producing all the reports needed, as some data was stored only in Zuora

  • Neither Zuora nor Salesforce could give the complete picture- forecasting of renewal opportunities was performed using Zuora and other opportunities were handled using Salesforce

Business Outcomes

  • High costs associated with Zuora are now a thing of the past, as the client is now able to perform all its operations using Salesforce and SAP

  • Data synchronization issues between multiple systems are fully resolved

  • The client is able to generate all required reports in Salesforce

  • Management can get a single view of their entire business from Salesforce

  • Employee productivity went up by 40%

  • The client’s revenues increased by 33%


Implementation of Sales Cloud and Our Subscription Management Solution Resolves Problems of High Renewal and Maintenance Fees and Poor Data Synchronization, Resulting in a 40% Improvement in Productivity and a 33% Increase in Revenue