Helping an Injection Mold Company Leverage Salesforce CRM

Our Solutions

  • We created 10 users -- 1 administrator and 9 sales representatives/managers

  • Our team customized lead fields and page layouts for all departments

  • We also created email templates for assigning leads and sending auto-responses to prospects

  • Our team developed simple-to-understand user-manuals

  • We created custom templates for generating invoices, contracts and agreements (in PDF format)

  • Our experts developed custom reports and dashboards for sharing information in real time

  • We integrated Outlook and customized the Home page

Helping an Injection Mold Company Leverage Salesforce CRM

Client Challenges

  • The Home page was not customized, and new processes were not set up

  • Ensuring safety of data since 3 departments were planning to use Salesforce.

  • A lot of paper-based data was not captured in the new Salesforce system

  • Outlook was not integrated effectively, and this created many problems

  • No system to provide insights in real time

Business Outcomes

  • The Home page and new processes are fully customized

  • The client’s data is completely secure

  • Users are able to execute all marketing and sales activities using Salesforce

  • All data is captured in the Salesforce system

  • Outlook is fully configured with Salesforce and emails can now be sent seamlessly

  • The management team can now access all marketing and sales reports in real time

  • A 50% improvement in user productivity

  • A 30% increase in revenue


Implementation of Salesforce CRM Resolves Manual Processing of Data and System Integration Issues Resulting in a 30% Increase in Revenue and a 50% Improvement in Productivity