Helping a Tire Manufacturer Use Sales Cloud to Reap Rich Dividends

Our Solutions

  • We set up brand and territory hierarchies and territory management processes

  • Our team developed a mechanism to upload account-based price books and custom price books

  • We also streamlined workflows to send automated email notifications about changes to price books

  • Our experts created a system to push orders to SAGE 100 via Commercient app

  • We configured SAGE 100 reports on different stages of opportunities and custom objects

Helping a Tire Manufacturer Use Sales Cloud to Reap Rich Dividends

Client Challenges

  • A spreadsheet-based sales process was resulting in low productivity

  • Manual data entry and inventory processing resulted in frequent errors

  • Longer lead time due to slow processing of sales orders

  • No effective coordination and communication between various teams

  • Lack of visibility of data in the SAGE 100 system

  • Inability to generate sales reports in real time

Business Outcomes

  • A 40% increase in the client’s sales productivity

  • A 60% reduction in manual processing of tasks, resulting in a significant reduction in errors

  • An 80% reduction in order processing time

  • Seamless collaboration between various teams

  • A 360-degree view of information in the SAGE 100 system .

  • The sales team is able to see reports and analytics related to their accounts

  • Directors and the VP (Sales) are able to view sales and revenue reports for each brand and territory in real time


Implementation of Sales Cloud and Customization of Workflows Reduce Manual Processing of Tasks by 60% and Cut Sales Order Processing Time by 80%