Helping a Restaurant Chain Integrate with Salesforce Without Hassles

Our Solutions

  • We implemented, a robust and powerful marketing intelligence solution

  • Our team integrated with Salesforce CRM using web services (REST API)

  • We customized the search criteria to suit the client’s requirements

  • Our experts developed a system to present the search results to the end users in the desired format and location

Helping a Restaurant Chain Integrate with Salesforce Without Hassles

Client Challenges

  • The client was using Salesforce CRM but was unable to reach out to potential customers effectively

  • They wanted a robust market intelligence system that could be integrated into their CRM system seamlessly

  • They needed help in using Salesforce CRM to identify the right leads and run targeted marketing campaigns for their services

Business Outcomes

  • The client is able to reach out to prospects effectively

  • They can integrate into Salesforce in a hassle-free manner and use the powerful marketing intelligence tool without any problems

  • They are able to use Salesforce very effectively to identify leads and execute marketing campaigns

  • The client reported a 35% increase in the lead conversion rate

  • Their revenues shot up by 32%


Implementation of Resolves Market Intelligence Problems and Helps Overcome Poor Targeting of Prospects Leading to an Improvement of Lead Conversion Rate by 35% and a 32% Increase in Revenue