Helping a Manufacturing Company Enhance Productivity with ServiceMax

Our Solutions

  • We implemented the ServiceMax Suite featuring Installed Base and Entitlements, Work Order Management and Advanced Scheduling, Parts Sales Process and Reporting

  • Our team developed an app extension to capture customer signatures

  • We also enabled the dispatch of self-service information from the iPad

  • Our experts created a mechanism to push and pull the latest product catalog from external systems

  • We created a system to provide account-level pricing discounts

Helping a Manufacturing Company Enhance Productivity with ServiceMax

Client Challenges

  • The client was using different applications for field service, and this created data synchronization issues

  • They had no common field service process, which could be used globally

  • No entitlements for service SLA and pricing

  • The inability to use multiple currencies created a lot of problems

  • There was no common product categorization mechanism for global use

  • Pricing at the account level was not possible

Business Outcomes

  • The client now enjoys the benefits of seamless data synchronization

  • They are now able to deploy an effective field service process throughout the world

  • Entitlements can be created for service SLA and pricing

  • The client now uses multiple currencies seamlessly

  • They now have a product categorization system that is used globally

  • Account-level pricing can be done easily

  • A 40% increase in service rep productivity


Implementation of ServiceMax ESEE Facilitates the Resolution of Data Synchronization Problems and Issues Created by the Absence of Effective Processes, Resulting in a 40% Increase in Service Rep Productivity