Enabling an IT Company Leverage Lightning Web Components

Our Solutions

  • We converted the existing Lightning components into Lightning Web Components

  • Our team created a new screen where employees could view all organizational and personal goals

  • We also developed a toggle switch that allows administrators to turn on and off custom buttons built using existing Lightning components

Enabling an IT Company Leverage Lightning Web Components

Client Challenges

  • Performance issues with certain key, complex Lightning components

  • Difficulty in controlling the visibility of buttons on the screen

  • Employees could not access information about their goals at a single location

  • Poor visibility of data impacted decision-making abilities of the management team

Business Outcomes

  • A 32% increase in performance of the complex components

  • The visibility of custom buttons for employees of different roles could be controlled seamlessly

  • A 90% reduction in the effort to view the consolidated information about goals

  • All key decisions of the management team are now supported by solid data


Implementation of Lightning Web Components Helps an HRMIS Team Increase Performance of Critical Components by 32% and Reduce Manual Efforts to View Information by 90%