Enabling an Insurance Provider Harness the Full Potential of Salesforce CPQ

Our Solutions

  • We implemented Salesforce CPQ to automate the quoting process

  • Our team streamlined templates for quotes and opportunities

  • We also integrated complex pricing mechanisms and back-office systems

  • Our experts developed a mechanism to enable subscribers to add, change and cancel benefits

  • We streamlined the pricing model to enhance quoting efficiency

  • Our specialists created a batch-based renewal management system to complete bulk renewals at a time

Enabling an Insurance Provider Harness the Full Potential of Salesforce CPQ

Client Challenges

  • Manual quoting process with multiple touchpoints was affecting productivity

  • No standard quote templates; this resulted in data inconsistencies

  • Data disconnects due to the use of multiple systems to manage product catalogs, quotes and orders

  • Existing systems could not be scaled up to meet growing needs

  • Inability to effectively accommodate frequent changes in the business environment

Business Outcomes

  • A 35% improvement in the client’s productivity

  • They reported an 85% reduction in data inconsistency

  • A 40% increase in their quoting accuracy

  • They reported a 35% reduction in quote generating time

  • The client is now fully geared-up to meet their fast-growing needs

  • A 23% increase in revenues from up-selling

  • User experience levels have improved considerably


Effective Implementation of Salesforce CPQ Helps Overcome the Problems of a Manual Quoting Process and Register a 35% Increase in Productivity and a 23% Improvement in Up-selling Revenues