Enabling an Air-Conditioning Company Migrate to Salesforce Seamlessly

Our Solutions

  • Our team implemented a supporting data model to meet current business needs

  • We implemented a robust data security framework

  • Our experts set up a robust partner on-boarding and de-boarding ​process, using Partner Community

  • We implemented an automated process, a back-end logic and Lightning Components to support complex requirements

  • Our team integrated Salesforce with the legacy system using Dell Boomi

Enabling an Air-Conditioning Company Migrate to Salesforce Seamlessly

Client Challenges

  • The legacy system was set up 20 years ago and not able to meet current business needs

  • Updates are often avoided as they take time and disrupt business for a long time

  • People spent considerable time in entering data into the legacy system

  • The application resulted in inefficiencies across business processes​

  • Limited ability to maintain the relationships with partners and distributors​

Business Outcomes

  • Business growth is supported as data is now maintained easily using a centralized system (Salesforce), saving 80% of data handling time

  • Data is now very secure; 3rd parties and internal users can access only relevant information

  • The quality of data maintenance is enhanced, using a self-service, real-time portal for reps​

  • Automated processes enable the business to take the right decisions at the right time

  • Partner satisfaction levels of the client went up by 25%

  • The company recorded a 35% increase in sales through its channel partners


Implementation of a Tailor-made Solution Facilitates Hassle-free migration from a Legacy Application to Salesforce,​ Resulting in a 25% Increase in Partner Satisfaction Levels and a 35% Growth in Sales by Partners