Enabling a Retail Giant Maintain Salesforce Data with Minimal Cost

Our Solutions

  • Our team developed a solid data quality framework for the client

  • We implemented ArchiveIt, a robust Salesforce data management solution

  • Our experts set up an automated data archiving and purging model

  • We also set up a mechanism to store customer data in the country of its origin

  • Our specialists developed a process to ensure safety of data during Org2Org transfers

Enabling a Retail Giant Maintain Salesforce Data with Minimal Cost

Client Challenges

  • The client’s Salesforce system accumulated huge volumes of customer and marketing data, leading to data obesity

  • They considered buying additional Salesforce storage space but abandoned the idea as it was too expensive

  • The company had problems in ensuring its data was compliant with GDPR

  • A lot of time was spent on handling the data, which made operations inefficient

  • The organization had an issue in ensuring data safety during Org2Org transfers

Business Outcomes

  • The client now enjoys high levels of Salesforce data quality

  • Data storage expenditures have come down by almost 90%

  • The organization is now able to fully comply with the provisions of GDPR ​

  • They are able to securely transfer data from one org to another

  • The company now handles the data very efficiently; the time needed to manage data came down by nearly 70%


Implementation of a Robust Data Management Solution Facilitates Seamless Management of Salesforce Data and a Reduction in Data Storage Expenditure by 90%