Enabling a Retail Consortium Reap Rich Dividends with Sales Cloud

Our Solutions

  • We designed and implemented  a customized solution to capture the data related to bid and fulfillment processes

  • Our team customized Salesforce to support the upload of bid quotes and records in CSV format; we placed restrictions on updating a record by multiple users

  • We also developed all the necessary reports for Salesforce users, suppliers and members

  • Our experts provided a solution to send bid invitations, closing alerts and bid summaries automatically

  • We created a portal for seamless exchange of information

  • Our specialists implemented a custom solution to share bids only with selected manufacturers

Enabling a Retail Consortium Reap Rich Dividends with Sales Cloud

Client Challenges

  • The client used a system that did not allow it to capture historical records for bids

  • The system had no option to track the buying activities of 1200+ outlets of the client  

  • There was no facility to download multiple price books and update them

  • Vendors were unable to capture details of won/lost bids  

  • Poor business intelligence resulted in various problems

Business Outcomes

  • The client is able to capture historical data and use it to their advantage

  • All buying activities of their 1200+ outlets can now be tracked seamlessly

  • Users can now download multiple price books and update them quickly, without hassles

  • All details of the bids can now be accessed by the client’s vendors

  • The members are able to monitor progress of bids and fulfillments

  • A facility to get complete information about items included in a bid; they are able to analyze fulfillments from suppliers very effectively

  • A 30% reduction in bid processing time


Implementation of Sales Cloud and Our Solution for Buying Consortiums Resolves Issues of Bid Information Tracking and Poor Data Visibility, Leading to Seamless Tracking of All Buying Activities and a 30% Reduction in Bid Processing Time