Enabling a Healthcare Provider Unleash the Power of Sales Cloud

Our Solutions

  • We set up Salesforce standard objects, custom objects and fields to allow the system’s users (patient navigators) to enter patient data.

  • Our team customized Salesforce to facilitate insertion of patient records from spreadsheets

  • We created all essential dashboards and reports for executives and system users

  • Our experts enabled bi-directional data integration between Salesforce and the client’s Hospital Management System (HMS)

Enabling a Healthcare Provider Unleash the Power of Sales Cloud

Client Challenges

  • Manual entry and processing of patient data in a spreadsheet-based patient tracker resulted in delays

  • Poor communication and coordination among various departments

  • Frequent data errors and inconsistencies as there was no system to validate data

  • No mechanism to generate reports in real time

Business Outcomes

  • A 90% reduction of processing time

  • Effective coordination between various departments

  • Data errors and inconsistencies are reduced to near zero levels

  • The client’s management team can view all business-related information in real time, without hassles

  • A 45% increase in patient navigator productivity


Implementation of Sales Cloud Helps Resolve the Problems of Manual Entry and Processing of Data, Resulting in a 90% Reduction of Processing Time and a 45% Improvement in Productivity