Enabling a Community College System Fully Harness Sales Cloud

Our Solutions

  • We created 2 Visualforce web-to-lead forms

  • Our developers customized fields and page layouts for all the 3 departments

  • We developed email templates for lead assignment, auto-responses and prospects.

  • Our team set up a completely unique sales process for all 3 departments.

  • We created custom templates for generating invoices, contracts and agreements (in PDF) for all the 3 departments.

  • We also Installed and configured an app to track events, rentals and tickets

Enabling a Community College System Fully Harness Sales Cloud

Client Challenges

  • The client has 10 Salesforce licenses, but user adoption is very low

  • Their Salesforce system was not fully configured

  • The CRM system was used by 3 departments, and this caused concerns about data privacy

  • The client was unable to track events, ticket sales, volunteer activities and donations

  • Outlook was used for communication and coordination among team members, and this resulted in problems

Business Outcomes

  • User adoption levels have increased considerably (40%)

  • All sales activities are now carried out using Salesforce

  • The users of the 3 departments can use Salesforce, without any hassles, in a secure manner

  • All users can now communicate and coordinate seamlessly

  • The client can now track all volunteers and donors on Salesforce;

  • They’re also able to track sales and volunteer hours at both contact and household levels

  • Revenues from rental, catering and training activities can now be tracked very accurately

  • The client’s revenues have gone up by 38%


Implementation of Sales Cloud Resolves Issues with Poor Configuration of Salesforce System and Low User Adoption, Resulting in a 40% Improvement in User Adoption Levels and a 38% Increase in Revenue