Empowering a Retail Firm with a Cutting-edge Salesforce Solution (Sales Cloud)

Our Solutions

  • We implemented a customized solution to meet the client’s unique supply chain requirements

  • Our team developed a system to capture data pertaining to drawings, samples and materials

  • We also customized Visualforce pages to set up search and product filters

  • Our specialists created a mechanism to generate quotes from accounts

  • We configured an in-line editor to convert quote line items into order items

  • Our team also set up a process to convert a quote into an order, after approval

Empowering a Retail Firm with a Cutting-edge Salesforce Solution (Sales Cloud)

Client Challenges

  • The client processed orders manually, and this impacted productivity badly

  • They were unable to track the activities pertaining to the creation of finished samples and drawings and various tasks performed in the pre and post production stages

  • There was no system to generate real-time reports and dashboards, with meaningful KPI- based metrics for tracking performance

Business Outcomes

  • Productivity levels of the client shot up by 35%

  • They are able to track production stages efficiently and accurately

  • The ability to view the status of orders online 24×7, from anywhere, on any device

  • Sales reps and other users have customer data at their fingertips

  • The client is able to shorten Make-to-Order and Quote-to-Order cycles significantly

  • A 28% increase in the client’s revenue


Implementation of a Salesforce Solution Helps Overcome the Challenges of Manual Order Processing and Poor Business Visibility Resulting in a 35% Enhancement in Productivity and a 28% Improvement in Revenue