Empowering a Manufacturing Company with ServiceMax (Service Cloud)

Our Solutions

  • We implemented ServiceMax suite featuring Installed Base and Entitlements, Work Order Management and Advanced Scheduling, Inventory Management and Reporting

  • Our team customized ServiceMax Mobile for the iPad

  • We also developed a custom PDF merger process to merge 1000+ invoices.

  • Our experts set up a service contract indexation process

  • We performed ERP data synchronizations

  • Our specialists set up a mechanism to push and pull the latest product catalog from an external system

  • We enabled geo-location updates for mass data uploads from marketing and ERP systems

Empowering a Manufacturing Company with ServiceMax (Service Cloud)

Client Challenges

  • The use of multiple systems by the client was resulting in data disconnects

  • Paper-based work orders slowed service delivery

  • Manual data entry and processing of work orders by personnel often resulted in errors

  • A large number of revenue opportunities were missed due to lack of timely responses

  • Lack of high-quality, real-time data made strategic investment decisions difficult.

  • Invoicing took up to 10 days

  • Electronic forms didn’t provide the right information to technicians at customer sites

Business Outcomes

  • Perfect synchronization of the client’s business data

  • An 80% reduction in order processing time

  • A 70% digitization of work order and invoice processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency; opportunities are now identified and tracked in an effective, timely manner

  • A 360-degree view of all service data

  • Technicians and call center agents now can access the right information and react to customer requests, in real time


Implementation of ServiceMax Helps Overcome the Problems Caused by Manual Work and the Use of Multiple Applications Leading to an 80% Reduction in Processing Time and 360-degree View of Data