Empowering a Manufacturing Company with Remedyforce (Service Cloud)

Our Solutions

  • We implemented and customized Remedyforce

  • Our team set up an ITIL-driven inventory management process

  • We also automated service request and bid management processes

  • Our experts developed an automated authorization and approval process

  • We created a self-service portal

  • Our specialists configured a system to automatically send notifications to distributors based on location

  • We developed a mechanism to automatically create web forms to submit service requests

Empowering a Manufacturing Company with Remedyforce (Service Cloud)

Client Challenges

  • No automated process to manage requests and bids; this resulted in low levels of productivity

  • Absence of a self-service portal to provide real-time updates to the customer

  • No system to send notifications automatically to distributors

  • Absence of a mechanism that enables users to create service requests

  • Poor visibility of the bidding process

  • No system to indicate the status of service requests in real time

Business Outcomes

  • A 25% increase in revenue

  • The client has reported a 40% increase in sales productivity

  • They could reduce manual efforts by 80%

  • The client has reported excellent user experiences, leading to high levels of satisfaction

  • They are now able to ensure real-time synchronization of bid data with inventory management systems


Implementation of Remedyforce Resolves Issues Caused by Bid and Service Request Management Processes, Facilitating a 25% Increase in Revenue and a 40% Improvement in Sales Productivity