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Subscription Management

Data Consolidation on SF + 3rd Party Application Sunset = Cost Savings and Data efficiency


Client Challenge

Integrate their subscription customer data with Salesforce and SAP and eliminate a costly third-party subscription management application.

  • Maintenance of a third-party subscription management system that imposed massive renewal and maintenance fees. The system had an extensive portfolio of complex features most of which were not relevant to the client’s business needs. Limited functionality was therefore achieved despite increasing maintenance fees.
  • Data loss between Salesforce, SAP, and the third-party subscription management application was a problem as these systems often came out of sync.
  • The lack of a consolidated data source did not allow for consistent or accurate management reporting.

‘A popular lament among subscription based SaaS businesses is that getting comprehensive, accurate data can feel impossible. They’re left to make big decisions around client preferences, and spend without the full picture. By consolidating data from multiple sources, companies can ensure subscription solutions have accurate data and insight into how they can improve.’

Venkat Subramanian, President & COO, Solunus, Inc.



Integrated the client’s subscription customer data with their Salesforce Sales Cloud solution through custom application development.

  • Implemented an agile integration approach to retrieve all customer data on Salesforce and SAP
  • Streamlined data management and data integrity by sunsetting the client’s third party subscription management application



A flexible subscription management system that supports the client’s growth with flexible pricing, payments, and revenue recognition automation.

  • Overall cost savings of over $120K per year, recognized in 13 months.
  • A single source of data provides management with increased data visualization and reporting capabilities.
  • Enhanced functionality allows sales team members to improve forecasting for both subscription and non-subscription products.
  • Sunset a third-party application that was both cumbersome, and incurred high maintenance and subscription costs.

Subscription Management


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