Subscription Management

Subscription Management Solution

Solunus Subscription Management empowers SaaS businesses to automate the entire customer subscription lifecycle on the Salesforce platform. Designed to convert and retain loyal subscribers, it manages customer subscriptions, recurring payments and billing, while analyzing key business metrics to improve customer retention and marketing efforts.

Why Solunus Subscription Management?

Consumer buying habits are trending from one time purchases towards more simple subscription models. More and more companies turn to subscription management solutions to address the majority of their problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Existing subscription management solutions, tend to impose costly maintenance fees, and cause integration challenges with ERP and CRM solutions, resulting in siloed and disconnected experiences. The internal sales and operations teams have to juggle between different software applications to gain insight into the customer and product information.

Solunus Subscription Management solves these challenges and simplifies subscription management by integrating customer, product, subscription and marketing data in one platform. Our Solution extends the Salesforce Sales Cloud with personalized subscription pricing, flexible payment schedules, recurring billing, and customer data visualization. Solunus Subscription Management brings together the technical solution you need to manage your subscribers in today’s post-ownership economy.

Solunus Subscription Management allows you to:

  • Forecast revenue by order.
  • Automatically generate order and renewal opportunities from a closed opportunity.
  • Personalize billing terms for individual customers.
  • Auto-populate invoices with accurate and reliable data for error-free billing.
  • Retrieve actionable, real-time metrics and analytical reports on your subscriptions.
  • Automatically include factors like offers and trials into the billing process.
  • Visually check the deferred revenue, payment and total amount of recognized revenue.
  • Manage your company’s revenue entirely on the Salesforce platform.

Launch and scale your subscription business, rapidly and affordably

Allows your business to create multiple customer subscriptions, add, update or remove products from a subscription, change the terms and conditions of a subscription, suspend or cancel subscriptions all inside of your Salesforce platform.

No additional software needed, use your existing Salesforce instance

Wondering how to get started? Our team will make it easy for you to manage your customer subscriptions, forecast revenue, automate order generation, and more without additional new software.

Easy integration with other Salesforce products

Seamlessly integrates with Lightning, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, providing a complete integrated ecosystem, on the Salesforce platform for your customer’s entire subscription lifecycle.

No more renewal and maintenance fees

Our one-time Salesforce customization supports your unique subscription management requirements and eliminates the need for additional software costs associated with 3rd. party subscription management software.

Accurate billing and payments

With pre-configured subscription billing schedules, our system handles customer invoicing and automatically processes your customers’ payments.

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