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The 1-step “configurable” solution for Salesforce Audit Trails

24 Apr

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A 30-second summary

360° Field History Tracking for Salesforce, by Solunus, gives you a Simple Configurable UI all to perform auditing/tracking on salesforce data.

Worried about the 20-field limit for audits? No limits on the number, types, or dependencies of data fields you want to track with 360°.

Configure. Sit back. Get reports!

Discover 360° Field History Tracking in 5 minutes

Organizations running on Salesforce to empower their sales or other business processes have one question unanswered:

“How do we comprehensively track sales data, get the right insights, and visualize the facts?”

To answer this pressing question, we have built 360° Field History Tracking addressing your needs to audit Salesforce data, both from a business and a technology perspective.

In this short product-awareness article, we attempt to narrate the auditing/tracking problems faced by companies and how our solution deals with them (without any repetitive human tasks).

You can contact us to discuss further, or have a walkthrough/demo once you see that the below information matches your audit trail requirements.

The Domain of Audit Trail

The Problems in Audit Trail

Below are some of the common problems that we observed in several companies, which eventually made us innovate an easy-to-use solution.

People create (and change) data

Every team in a company, sales/ops/whichever, today has a volatile hierarchy where roles interchange contextually. And then, there is the classic case of ‘new employees’ versus ‘seasoned ones’ having the same designation but varied tracking needs.

Bottomline — People dynamics must be addressed at the configuration level instead of “forcibly” grouping them under one of the available “roles”.

Heterogeneity and volume of data (fields) are here to stay

As we get deep into the fields we want to track in a typical salesforce setup; the business team will need tracking on various types of data. The technical characteristics of the fields should not pose a limitation in the way of generating an audit trail. These include fields whose type may be of master-detail (parent-child) references, formulas, or a summarized rollup.

Likewise, the “number of fields” that the business team wants to track should not be limited to a product controlled number (SF can audit only 20 fields, as of this writing).

Bottomline — Keeping a track on changes cannot be constrained based on data types or their volume!

Backward time-travel is inevitable in tracking/auditing

As companies mature and identify new business opportunities, they want their decision-makers to be able to time-travel into the historical data without any boundaries and generate insightful audit reports.

Is it not right then to expect that we do not want Salesforce to define the life period of audit data? Say by automatically deleting it?  

Bottomline — If changes in history drive the current and future business decisions, we must be able to time-travel at our will.

Introducing 360° Field History Tracking for Salesforce by Solunus

Here is the 1-step configurable solution that we suggested in the article’s title!

While we love everything about Salesforce, we must admit that the auditing problem remains only partially solved by it. 360° Field History Tracking is a very easy to use yet and robust solution that provides a set of features that you always wished to be available somewhere.

To stay tuned with complex business scenarios, the very term 360° forms our core design principle in terms of variety, volume, and value it deals with, in your company’s audit trails.

The Frontend

Used to select the objects/fields, time ranges, and other configuration settings. The solution has a simple UI which provides powerful functionality accessed by “single” clicks.

The Report Generator

The audit data is collected into custom-defined tables, processed, and presented in the formats you want by this user-centric component. You get the right insights and visualization needed.

3C Rules Engine (Configuration. Control. Compliance.)

The heart of our solution architecture, the 3C Rules Engine, captures field changes in real-time based on the configuration and controls the subsequent actions based on the individuals who triggered the data changes. It also stores all the information needed for an audit trail that adheres to the compliance or regulatory standard when the need arises.

Field Crawlers

The crawlers go into the fields of various data types, their references, and dependent fields to collect all the changes made, do any validation along with the corresponding metadata (person, location, and time) in addition to creating the values need for audit records.

Data Services

Data services deal with reading and writing audit data, either by an on-demand mechanism or based on events in real-time., and are invoked/controlled by the 3C engine. Our Data Services component uses its own storage tables and procedures, thereby giving you the flexibility of ownership in the future (untouched by Salesforce background jobs).

The 1-step “configurable” solution for Salesforce Audit Trails.

Value Delivered.

Wait a minute! What if you have additional requirements specific to your context and not readily available in the solution?

Yes, our solution is designed keeping extensibility in mind. Our team is always ready to extend further and implement the needed. Be it custom rules, 3rd party integrations, complex audits with new policies, or a new set of reports, shout out and we will get them done for you, 360°.

About Solunus:

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