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Solunus’ action at Dreamforce ’18

We are Salesforce Silver Partner. Meet our panel of experts and leaders at Trailhead booth and discuss on how we can maximize your ROI on Salesforce implementation.



With new Salesforce products unveiled at Dreamforce 2018, we hear about integrations and connecting disparate applications. We, at Solunus, constantly strive at bringing you the holistic view of your customers.


In the words of Bret Taylor, President and CPO, Salesforce, ‘Wherever your data lives, you should be able to create a single view of your customer’. Solunus helps you create that 360-degree view of your customer from all of your company’s disparate systems and applications.


Salesforce announces the expansion of its Sales Cloud platform at #Dreamforce2018. Solunus’ Subscription Management extends Sales Cloud to better handle your subscriptions.



One can talk to Salesforce now (Just like Siri and Alexa). Cool! Isn’t it?  #Einstein # Dreamforce2018.

Celebrations @Dreamforce 2018

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