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AI-powered digital business assistants

Cutting-edge bots allow you to open the doors for ultra-high levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction with minimal expenditure. Here are a few interesting statistics about the benefits of intelligent bots.

6.2 billion

The number of hours that will be recovered in employee productivity due to AI-based tools.


$8 billion

Global savings per year, by 2022, in healthcare and banking sectors, as a result of using chatbots.

Juniper Research


Of companies delivered higher customer satisfaction using AI-powered bots. 



Omni-channel Customer Support

Deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing excellent support to your clients across all digital sales channels.
What you can do with this product:
  • Understand and communicate with customers in several languages; users can provide information in the language of his choice, even if he switches languages during a conversation

  • Connect with customers using various digital channels including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Voice, Email, Skype, MS-Teams and so on

  • Support customer self-service, track the resolution of reported incidents, provide status updates about services and render high-quality assistance remotely

Key Benefits:
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels by nearly 25%

  • Integrate seamlessly with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce etc.

  • Cut customer support costs by at least 50%

Virtual Business Assistant

Enhance your organizational productivity in a big way by leveraging novel technologies and limit human intervention to reduce errors and improve quality.
What you can do with this product:
  • Provide instant answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about your organization and products

  • Sort through and respond to emails acting as the first level of response; users can utilize this tool to know if the tone of the email is happy, sad or neutral

  • Convert speeches into meaningful, business-interpretable datasets; users can segregate them in the order of importance and prepare for further processing

Key Benefits:
  • Classify and segregate information easily

  • Filter emails using specific criteria

  • Make the right decisions without delays


Smart Recruitment Assistant

Take recruitment and HR efficiencies to new highs and accelerate the hiring cycle, by utilizing ultra-modern technologies.
What you can do with this product:
  • Sort massive numbers of resumes and select only those that contain the appropriate skills for a job

  • Set up and conduct the initial interview to screen the technical skills of candidates; users can also evaluate the communication skills of the candidates

  • Get intelligent recommendations on the selection of candidates based on the hiring requirements, job description and resource competencies

Key Benefits:
  • Reduce human intervention in recruitment considerably

  • Cut hiring expenditures by at least 60%

  • Shorten the hiring cycle by at least 50%

Document Digitization Application

Unleash the power of deep learning to enable hassle-free document processing and avant-garde digitization at the lowest cost.
What you can do with this product:
  • Digitize large numbers of paper-based business documents quickly using Object Character Recognition (OCR) technology, in no time

  • Process scanned images using AI-based technologies that assist users in recognizing objects very clearly

  • Convert scanned text on images into readable data; users can validate the text with business rules and map it to business-defined fields

Key Benefits:
  • Digitization accuracy levels of nearly 95%

  • Readability is 25% higher than traditional OCR-based methods

  • No need for deep learning models for digitization


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