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Salesforce Spanking New Interface. Are You Ready for Aura & Lightning Experience?

15 Sep

Exciting news for Salesforce users! Coming this October is Salesforce’s newly revamped user interface called ‘Lightning Experience’. With the ‘Lightning Experience’, you will say goodbye to the boring row of tabs across the top and say hello to the vertical navigation menu! Although, the company has been upgrading its systems and services 47 times since its inception in 1999, this is the biggest jump ever as far as the user interface is concerned. According to the company, there will be over 25 new features and 50 redesigned pages.

Sales Cloud users—Group Edition or better—will be the first to experience the new look and feel before anyone else.

Salespeople can expect to see a pretty dashboard featuring a pipeline board, performance chart, account insights, social highlights, sales summary, pending and active deals, personalized alerts as well as recommendations. They can also open chat, launch email, and open file right from the dashboard too.

The new UI was built with Aura framework—a Salesforce’s open source UI framework equipped with UI components and JavaScript framework with a Java server for the backend.

Salesforce also released a Lightning Design System—a set of pre-built components that can extend basic Salesforce functionality to build any Salesforce-based apps. The design system lets enterprises create Aura apps that have the same look and feel as the newly upgraded Salesforce UI.

Take a First Look at Lightning Experience

Enterprises can postpone the system upgrade until they are full ready. Even after the upgrade of Salesforce Classic, the new system might not be 100% compatible with Lightning Experience. When the system doesn’t work with Lightning Experience, the page opens in Salesforce Classic in a new tab.

Hopefully, this richer interface and new features will make sales reps close the deals at lightning speed! This news brings us a lot of excitement as we are looking forward to building many new great looking custom apps for our clients. If you can’t wait for October release to come, request a preview for Lightning Experience� here.

Info and images: Salesforce