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Make the Best Use of Salesforce Sales Cloud to Sell More Smartly

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

Business Consultation

Companies of the 21st century make the best use of data to sell successfully; they harness the immense potential of groundbreaking technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take the right, timely steps for converting opportunities into dollar-fetching sales.

One of the most popular applications used in the corporate world to leverage the immense potential of data to enable effective selling is Salesforce Sales Cloud – the powerful, yet highly user-friendly product allows you to get the big picture of each contact in a customer account and obtain the required insights.

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you ensure hassle-free management of leads and fully optimize sales campaigns across all channels. It empowers you to automate your sales process with minimal effort and expenditure, thereby improving selling efficiencies in a big way.

Making Selling More Productive Using Salesforce Sales Cloud


Score your leads effortlessly and focus on the right accounts


Send personalized messages with just a few clicks


Leverage omnichannel customer data for deep insights


Automate your sales activities with high efficacy, rapidly, at low cost


Forecast sales very easily with pinpoint accuracy


Enjoy significantly higher revenues from sales

Utilize Solunus' Solid Expertise of Sales Cloud Features to Boost Selling Efficacy

Contact Management
Opportunity Management
Reports and Dashboards
Lead Management
Pipeline and Forecast Management
Activity Management
Process Automation
Files Sync and Share
Salesforce Engage
Sales Collaboration
Territory Management
Sales Data and Intelligence
Partner Management

Why You Should Use Solunus’ Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

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Enabling a Healthcare Provider to Unleash the Power of Sales Cloud.JPG

Case Study

Enabling a Healthcare Provider to Unleash the Power of Sales Cloud

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