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Enjoy an Excellent Bottom-line with Salesforce Revenue Cloud

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Salesforce Revenue Cloud Services


The modern business organization needs to come up with innovative solutions and pricing structures to survive in a highly dynamic, fiercely competitive business world. Many companies are turning to novel applications to configure solutions and offer them to their customers at the lowest possible price.


One of the most popular tools used by firms across the industry spectrum is Salesforce Revenue Cloud. The powerful features of this cutting-edge product empower you to come up with right solutions that create the best value for your clients, while maximizing your profits, with minimal effort.


Salesforce Revenue Cloud enables you to fully automate the customer lifecycle, thereby eliminating errors in order management. It provides excellent support to all contractual models and helps you execute the Quote-to-Order (Q2O) process in a highly efficient, hassle-free manner.

Skyrocket Q2O Efficiency at the Lowest Cost to Maximize Your Profits

Deal Size.png

Increase your average deal size by up to 105%


Develop 100% accurate quotes with little effort 

proposal volume.png

Enjoy approximately 49% higher proposal volume

Selling Costs.png

Reduce selling costs by nearly 60%

Sales Cycle.png

Shorten sales cycles by almost 28%


Minimize financial risk and ensure 100% compliance

Source: *Salesforce and Forrester

Utilize Our Salesforce Revenue Cloud Prowess to Ensure Seamless Q2O Cycles

Guided Selling
Solution Configurator
Pricing Engine
Quote Generation
Contracted Pricing
Contract Amendments
Installed Base Management
Automated Renewals
Product and  Pricing Rules
Dynamic Terms and Conditions
Accurate Prorations
Advanced Approvals
Flexible Invoicing
Advanced Order Management
Automated Payments
Pricing Analytics
Quoting Analytics
Subscription Analytics

Why Solunus for Salesforce Revenue Cloud Services

Revenue Cloud WebPage Infographic-Artwork.png
Helping an Analytics Solutions Provider Implement Salesforce to Get Complete Data Visibili

Case Study

Helping an Analytics Solutions Provider Implement Salesforce to Get Complete Data Visibility

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