Salesforce for High-tech and Software

The IT/high-tech industry has been profoundly affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic – product cycles are getting shorter than ever before and customer demands for highly cost-effective solutions are growing with each passing day. Salesforce enables companies in this dynamic sector to overcome their challenges and make the best use of resources through novel solutions.


Game-changing Digital Solutions for the High-tech and Software Sector

Enhance operational efficiency and reduce expenditures

  • Increase productivity of personnel working from home
  • Improve organizational agility and respond to changes faster
  • Cut IT-related costs significantly by moving marketing operations to the cloud
  • Enable hassle-free, real-time communication with all stakeholders

Make the best use of business data

  • Understand rapidly evolving market conditions with high efficacy
  • Come up with new business applications to accelerate innovation
  • Develop a single source of truth to enhance data usage efficiencies
  • Create and customize apps of various kinds to ensure seamless transfer of information

Delight customers with exceptional service

  • Leverage the power of the cloud to deliver fully connected customer experiences
  • Enable customers find the information they want, anywhere, anytime
  • Ensure very high levels of personalization of service offerings
  • Enhance customer care center efficiencies to facilitate faster resolution of issues

Meet the new-age business challenges

  • Adapt to customer changes rapidly, without problems
  • Secure business data in a very efficacious manner
  • Harness the immense potential of business process automation
  • Use IoT and other emerging technologies to make marketing smarter and more effective

Solunus - The Salesforce Partner IT/High-tech Firms Look to Meet Their Needs



Identify opportunities to enhance organizational efficiency and optimize costs



Integrate data from various sources to get a 360° view of the customer



Create a comprehensive plan to leverage Salesforce to meet ever-evolving customer needs



Migrate data from your legacy system to Salesforce with minimal effort and cost



Unleash the power of innovative Salesforce products to achieve your business goals



Ensure your Salesforce system is always in action to provide the best service to clients


Driving growth through innovative cloud-based products

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What Can IT/High Tech Firms Expect by Associating with Us?

We help technology organizations get the best value from their Salesforce system. Our team works with the companies to help them with the following.

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Case Study

Leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud for a Software Product Company

Find Comprehensive Information to Streamline Operations and Achieve High Growth