Salesforce for BFSI

The banking and financial services industry is undergoing a major digital transformation – as customers increasingly rely on technology to connect and deal with organizations in this critical sector, Salesforce empowers banking and financial services companies with innovative solutions to meet the needs of their clients.


Salesforce Solutions for Banking and Finance Industries

Make the best use of data

  • Forecast demand for products with very high levels of accuracy
  • Get a 360-degree view of the customer, including his entire credit history
  • Identify assets that are likely to non-perform and take appropriate measures
  • Come up with new products based on a thorough analysis of customer needs

Deliver first-rate customer service

  • Facilitate hassle-free transactions using any connected device
  • Create a portal and mobile app to provide instant access to information
  • Categorize customers into different segments and align specific products to each
  • Provide relevant offers through effective integration of inter-departmental data

Enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs

  • Automate business processes to reduce manual intervention
  • Collaborate actively with brokers, agents and other business partners
  • Streamline transaction workflows to reduce time and improve productivity
  • Eliminate a myriad of applications and ensure seamless flow of financial data

Comply with regulatory norms and fulfill social responsibility

  • Protect confidential customer information from falling into wrong hands
  • Track transactional data efficiently to prevent illegal financial activities
  • Monitor, handle and document activities performed as part of fiduciary duties
  • Go green with paperless offices that facilitate fully digitized business operations

Solunus - The Salesforce Partner BFSI Companies Trust

Solunus has worked with various BFSI organizations to help them harness the novel capabilities of Salesforce to meet their revenue goals and cement their relationships with customers. We understand no two financial organizations have the same needs, and therefore, leave no stone unturned to comprehend their specific business requirements. This enables us to come up with the ideal solutions to meet the requirements.



Identify process gaps and opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction



Integrate data from various internal and external sources to get the big picture



Develop a detailed plan that enables you to meet your growth targets



Transfer data from your existing applications to Salesforce seamlessly



Customize Salesforce’s cutting-edge products to meet your unique business needs



Ensure your Salesforce system helps you serve your customers 24/7


Novel Solutions to Delight Customers of Financial Organizations

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Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) Model to Unleash the Power of Salesforce

A well-defined CLM framework goes a long way in enabling banks and other financial service providers to deliver first-rate services to their clients and ensure full compliance with regulatory norms. It also allows these organizations to effectively harness the latest digital technologies to ensure high levels of customer service efficiency and reduce expenditures in a big way. At Solunus, we have developed a robust 7-phase CLM model based on industry best practices that empower BFSI firms to fully harness the immense potential of Salesforce to delight their clientele, meet all statutory obligations and improve their bottom line significantly.

BFSI CRM Lifecycle Management Model

What Can BFSI Companies Expect by Partnering with Solunus?




Faster Decision-making

Increase in Client Satisfaction

Growth in Click-to-open Rate



View of the Customer

Growth in Business Revenue


Case Study

Enabling a Financial Services Firm Reap Rich Dividends with Salesforce

Find Comprehensive Information to Streamline Operations and Achieve High Growth