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Utilize the Rich Features of Salesforce CPQ to Maximize Selling Efficiencies

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Salesforce CPQ Services

Salesforce CPQ Implementation Services

Solunus Helps Use Salesforce CPQ to Streamline the Quote-to-Order (Q2O) Process

Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a powerful solution that empowers you to boost your Q2O efficiencies in a big way. Available as a part of Salesforce Revenue Cloud, this innovative tool uses cutting-edge technology to automate quoting process and provide the right solutions perfectly-tailored to meet the unique requirements of your customers, with minimal effort and expenditure.

At Solunus, our team of Salesforce CPQ specialists help you fully utilize the novel features of the Salesforce solution. We work with you to redesign your Q2O processes and implementation of Salesforce CPQ to cater to your specific business needs. We also help you connect the robust CPQ product with other software applications and make sure it works seamlessly round the clock.

Key Features of Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a comprehensive Q2O solution that comes with several useful features, which help you customize products based on your client’s needs with high levels of efficacy. The innovative Salesforce CPQ implementation  solution helps you:

CPQ Selling Tools

Enable salespeople to create technically-valid quotes rapidly using guided selling tools

Develop Salesforce CPQ Models

Develop complex deal scenario models to identify and prevent leakage of revenues

Salesforce CPQ Partner

Share quoting information with partners in real time and enable them to quote at their rates

Salesforce CPQ Models

Enjoy unrivaled support to all types of revenue-generation models in a hassle-free manner

Create Salesforce CPQ Data Models

Create a unified data model to simplify maintenance of product catalogs and price books

Salesforce CPQ Automation

Automate all post-sales activities and generate orders from approved quotes

Implement Salesforce CPQ

Implement a pre-defined quote structure seamlessly, thereby eliminating quoting errors

Salesforce CPQ Workflows

Close deals quickly by streamlining approval workflows and providing complete visibility

Saleforce CPQ Dynamic Quotes

Generate dynamic quotes that allow insertion of specific terms using a library of clauses

Benefits of Using Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ enables companies to meet the needs of their customers faster, cheaper and more effectively. Solunus’ Salesforce CPQ specialists work with you to integrate the comprehensive solution with a multitude of software applications and automate your Q2O process to enhance your selling efficiencies. Here’re some of the benefits of using Salesforce CPQ.





Improvement in Pricing Accuracy

Reduction in Configuration Errors

Faster Generation of Quotes

Faster Approval of Quotes




Shorter Quote-to-Order Cycles

Improvement in Quoting Accuracy

Growth in Upsells and Cross-sells

Note: The above figures are approximations based on a datasheet published by Salesforce.

Why You Should Use Solunus’ Salesforce CPQ Services

Salesforce’s user-friendly solutions come with a host of powerful capabilities that enable you to make the best use of data to skyrocket your efficiencies and provide excellent services to customers. Solunus, a well-known Salesforce partner, empowers you to utilize the solutions with high efficacy.

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