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Sales Forecasting and Reporting Capabilities for Environmental Cleanup Company

About This Project

The client provides environmental cleanup and maintenance services for the construction projects in and around the USA.

They work in three different sectors

  1. Remediation (Environmental cleanup)
  2. Industrial Services (chemical plants and industries)
  3. NORM RAD (radio active area)

The Challenge

The client has acquired Salesforce licenses for many years, but have issues with Salesforce configuration and user adoption. The client approached us to configure and customize the Salesforce instance to fits their specific needs and to provide the training to their power users and end-users. The goal is to leverage Salesforce as the system of records to handle automated sales and business processes and to improve productivity. They also planned to integrate Salesforce with other existing applications.

The client’s major pain area is the use of spreadsheets for their sales forecasting. Therefore, they would like to leverage Salesforce forecasting to automatically handle the dynamic calculation of their sales pipeline and revenue distribution across four quarters.

Solunus Solutions

Solunus proposed health check, out-of-the-box Sales Cloud rollout, bulk data migration services, and 2-day onsite training for users and power users. We also helped the client to incorporate their forecasting process into Salesforce. Salesforce customizable forecasts enabled the executives to review forecast and drill down through forecast amounts to see the opportunities included in the forecast. Each value in the opportunity stage is automatically mapped to the probability and value in the Forecast Category.

Business Impact

With our implementation, the client was able to achieve the following results:

Lead Management

Salesforce automation facilitates automated lead conversions – extracting leads from marketing campaigns, website visits or outbound calls. Auto emails notify sales reps about the arrival of new leads in the pipeline.

Sales reps can quickly view all leads on a daily basis and schedule a time to contact them. Better customer engagement ultimately increases sales win rates, reduce sales cycle duration, enhance sales reps productivity and eventually improve organizational revenue.

Sales Team Management

The majority of the time the sales managers are tied up tallying sales forecast sheets daily or weekly. Salesforce automation implementation puts a full stop to all such activities. It equips the sales manager with a 360-degree view of all metrics required for measuring sales forecasting and revenue.

Sales managers have access to each salesperson’s activities, opportunities,  sales figures and so on. Using the real-time data, they can take informed decisions quickly.

Additionally, they can also stay abreast of problematic areas; for example – an underperforming sales representative or low revenue month.

Run the Whole Business from Salesforce1 Mobile App

Salesforce1 Mobile App helps employees move faster and be more productive – close deals, service customers, track status, and even collaborate and share files on any device — all from a single, integrated mobile app.

Sales reps who are often on the field will not have to wait until they are back in the office to access vital information. The sales team’s job gets streamlined making the end-to-end sales process faster. Inevitably, this will translate into increased bottom line through quicker sales.


Sales Forecasting and Reporting Capabilities for Environmental Cleanup Company


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