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Pricing Management

ServiceMax + Salesforce Service Cloud Customization = Connected Field Service and Managed Pricing


Client Challenge

Limited Field Service automation was achieved with the client’s legacy ERP field management solution, it lacked both automation in configuring product pricing for customers and real-time remote access.

The client’s on-premise field management solution did not provide real-time update capabilities to the customer and work management information for remote field service technicians. This resulted in the loss of valuable customer service data, increased service resolution time, and overall customer dissatisfaction.

  • The client owns an inventory of 100,000 products and related parts, Sales and Field Service team members needed real-time remote access to their field management solution to configure complex product pricing.  
  • With complex product pricing rules for the end customers vs distributors and manufacturers, the client’s sales and service teams struggled to manage pricing discounts, entitlements, or commissions between their two pricing groups.  

The client was looking for a pricing management solution that could support their current field service process and complex product pricing needs.



Deployed ServiceMax Connected Field Service and customized Salesforce Service Cloud delivering real-time customer and work management functionality and enabling complex product pricing configurations.

  • Deployed ServiceMax Connected Field Service, a field service solution delivered natively on the Salesforce platform, to support field sales.
  • Customized Salesforce Service Cloud to deliver complex product pricing configuration to include; complete visibility of product inventory, product pricing information and options and product margin information for the service agents.



With ServiceMax’s one-click integration to Salesforce, the combination of increased automation, and real-time access to customer/work/ and product data, our client became more efficient in dispatching qualified individuals to address customer issues, effectively delivering better customer service and faster time to service resolution.

  • Solunus’ pricing management solution delivers the ability to perform complex product pricing configurations for the Sales and Field Services teams.  With the integration of the client’s customer data, product inventory, and pricing levers, the team members don’t have to juggle different applications to obtain customer data and make servicing decisions.
  • The Field Service and Sales teams can now automatically check for customer discounts prior to the release of sales orders.  With real-time remote access, the team members can perform updates to customer and work management data in the field.
  • Solunus’ Product price configuration automated the calculation of product discount percentages based  on customer/dealer eligibility criteria, dealer commissions for each product sale, and overall product price configuration



Pricing Management


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