Pricing Management solution

Pricing Management solution

Solunus’ Pricing Management solution gives your pricing team more time to spend on pricing strategy rather than price administration and allows you to start driving pricing as a strategic advantage.

Why Solunus Pricing Management?

Setting the right prices for your product(s) is the most critical decision for any marketer, it can have a host of implications for your business. It’s the fastest and most effective way for a company to realize its maximum profit - the right price can boost profit faster than increasing volume. Hence, it is imperative for companies to develop a specific process and standards for setting and managing their product prices and pricing strategies.

For that, businesses should replace their spreadsheets/ manual processes/ pricing consultants with a robust intelligence gathering system.Solunus Pricing Management solves the various price challenges on industry supply and demand, product market strategy, and transaction pricing. It delivers the accurate information and pricing for you to build a more trusting relationship with your customers.

It provides centralized pricing management, pricing strategy and execution platform for you to instantly identify revenue and margin leakages. Solunus’ Pricing Management solution extends Salesforce Service Cloud to customize, manage, and enforce pricing policies, conduct pricing strategies, quickly eliminate pricing errors, and grow revenue.

Solunus Pricing Management allows you to:

  • Manage product pricing.
  • Strategize product pricing.
  • Change prices in real time considering current market conditions.
  • Set rule-based pricing and policies to improve discount discipline.
  • Instantly view margin performance and trends.
  • Schedule pricing updates for automatic trigger based on cost changes.
  • Set price analytics.
  • Quickly and easily keep prices up-to-date for thousands, even millions of SKUs.
  • Eliminate price errors due to manual intervention.
  • Instantly identify high priority price list KPIs enabling quick decision making and ensure price adjustments meet critical business requirements and thresholds.
  • Compare different price strategies and implement the one that best meets business goals.
  • Automate many price management tasks, freeing up precious time to focus on price strategy.

Automate price management tasks

Automates all your routine, time-consuming and error-prone pricing management tasks, in the cloud, thus allowing you to focus on strategic corporate decisions. It automates item-level, localized pricing based on price and demand elasticity, price image, competitive market prices, and more.

Optimize and manage the unique pricing

Pricing has upstream impacts on retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. Distributors have the most fluid and risky pricing strategies, which of course differs from end-customers. Solunus Pricing Management is designed to effectively manage different pricing for OEMs/manufacturers, dealer networks, and end-customers.

Capture price feedback and update in real-time

With Solunus Pricing Management, margin and pricing decisions can be made with confidence, because its simulations move beyond standard costs to incorporate a comprehensive list of real-time costs, reflecting price fluctuations in the actual market and operational conditions. It schedules pricing updates for millions of SKUs, that are automatically triggered based on changes in cost and competitive pricing moves.

Set price analytics

Pricing managers are responsible for product costing, pricing, and planning in competitive markets and need fingertip access to this data for thousands of products. Solunus’ Pricing Management solution provides advanced analytic and visualization tools to enable parallel analysis of product and price data, customized dashboard and ad-hoc reports for detailed analysis, and the possibility to drill down to the cause of any pricing issue with competitive information.

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"For a global giant with thousands of customers across the world, customer service could be that vital element which can impact their bottom line. Sales and service teams were struggling in this area because first, the field sales needed a cloud technology that could help them move things quickly. And secondly, the teams were manually calculating the price of over 100,000 products and related parts across different countries. This task involved their precious time, and efforts and they were unable to meet their day-to-day operations. Our solution helped them with exactly what they needed."

- Venkat Subramanian, COO & President, Solunus Inc