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Solunus to attend Dreamforce 2018

11 Feb

Solunus, a North-American based Salesforce services company, announced it will be attending Dreamforce 2018, which is scheduled for September 25-28 in San Francisco, one of the largest SaaS-oriented business application events.

Solunus’ team of over four industry professionals is attending the conference, including Sudhakar Pennam, Founder & CEO, Venkat Subramanian, President & COO, Steven Fuentes, Director Customer Success and Kirk Smith, Director of Business Development.

“Our attendance at Dreamforce 2018 underscores our dedication to helping firms to reshape their strategies and best practices to adapt to the dramatically-changing business needs,” said Venkat Subramanian, President & COO, Solunus.

We understand the fact that as data sources and volumes continue to grow, Salesforce customers need more intelligent and automated ways to discover, access, manage and glean insights from their evolving information to become data-driven. Solunus offers support that is required for an organization to extend its utilization of Salesforce and understand the significance of Salesforce features.

“The participation is a testament to our commitment in delivering a unique partnership experience in a rapidly changing business and technology environment,” said Steven Fuentes, Director Customer Success at Solunus.

About Solunus

Solunus, a North-American based Salesforce Partner, prepares businesses for their next-generation customers. Established in 2014, we simplify Salesforce for you to build more meaningful customer relationships. We partner for a win-win arrangement with clear ROI that the client realizes by the end of the engagement. Our 350+ years of cumulative industry exposure and Salesforce experience underpin our position as the right Salesforce partner. We are a team of Salesforce Certified Professionals, CRM Architects, and certified Agile Scrum Masters with a passion for making a difference.

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