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Win at Customer Service in an Omni-Channel World with Salesforce Service Cloud

An Omni-Channel World

The use of social networking via smartphones was unheard of a decade ago. This rapid evolution of technology has led to a paradigm shift in the challenges faced by companies seeking to engage with their existing and potential customers in a meaningful manner.

Technology has also led to the development of an omnichannel world where customers watch advertisements on television and YouTube, hear about offers on the radio, check out feedback from actual customers on social media, and use smartphones to compare prices between brick-and-mortar retailers and online stores before finalizing the purchase.

With existing and potential customers using multiple channels simultaneously, businesses implementing independent strategies for different channels are unlikely to enjoy sustainable growth. Businesses must have an integrated strategy covering online, offline, virtual, and real channels for seamless customer service.

How Can Salesforce Service Cloud Make a Difference?

Salesforce Voice of the Customer Survey Results May 2015

Average Percentage Improvements in Service and Support Performance Metrics

48% faster case resolution 48% decrease in time to the first response 47% increase in first-contact resolution 47% increase in agent productivity 45% decrease in service/support cost 45% increase in customer retention 45% decrease in average handle time 45% increase in agent ramp time/onboarding 45% increase in customer satisfaction

Salesforce Service Cloud can help businesses enjoy the following benefits:

  • Intelligent Agent Console

An agent console presents all relevant customer information including contact information, product information, billing activity, and even social profile—making service agents work smarter and faster. High-priority escalating cases are pushed into the feed so agents can create work orders and assign field technicians to solve a problem right away.

  • Intelligent Service Agents

Service Cloud supports the agents with tools that help them find the most relevant resources and case history. The agents are able to give every customer the most informed answer and personalized user experience.

The data and analytics are no longer available to just the data analysts. Service agents gain insights from reports and customer survey data and use the information and knowledge to serve customers better.

The intelligent service agents are completely empowered helping them create a great customer experience.

  • Social Integration

Since social customer service is an integral part of Service Cloud, agents can engage with customers and have access to all relevant details of the engagement irrespective of the current choice of channel—email, phone, chat, social network, or community. Customers may send queries through email and follow up with additional questions on Facebook. Service Cloud enables service agents to cater to social customers switching between different channels or communicating through multiple channels simultaneously.

  • Greater Scalability

With a steady in