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There’s a High Demand for Salesforce Skills. How Do You Choose Your Dream Company?

The demand for skilled Salesforce population is vast and increasing, how has Salesforce gained this popularity? Well, for the starters, it’s continuously named as one of the best places to work. Not just that, Salesforce is named in the recent rating of the best jobs by Indeed. Why is that different? It’s because Salesforce is the only company mentioned among the other generic roles like a machine learning engineer, full-stack developer, insurance advisor, attorney, etc. Salesforce has gone to the extent of creating such a huge demand for the people working on its platform where profiles like AWS Solution Architect and Apache Hadoop Engineer didn’t make the list. A recent International Data Corporation study forecasts a steep increase for demand in Salesforce skills by 2022, that is 3.3 million new jobs. This is paving the way to competitive salaries for Salesforce skilled workers.

These are a few among many reasons as to why Salesforce is a destination technology and company to many. Apart from being the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce has been innovative in the way it deals with its customers. It has created a completely new way of connecting with customers and successfully translated that into its product development. Beyond technology and innovation, people at Salesforce primarily understand their customers’ business and potential challenges.

People who have the foresight to move into Salesforce development, have a firm grasp of their future professional career. With Salesforce, they don’t have to be intimidated of being out of a job. Salesforce is keen on innovation; it creates new and exciting specializations. These new technologies from Salesforce keep pace with modern and advanced technology trends. Meaning, Salesforce developers don’t have to worry about adding new technologies on Artificial Intelligence or blockchain to their stack. Salesforce innovates and builds these technologies into the platform for developers to seamlessly develop their applications for their business needs.

Salesforce developers are often sceptical and want to see new enhancements to help streamline their code and to extend its functionality. Hence, the platform has new releases for a product three times a year, with one code base. This helps developers to run every feature, whether new or old, on the platform. This way, developers don’t have to focus on maintenance alone but concentrate on innovation too.

No other platform, apart from Salesforce, gives the opportunity to be this innovative. Salesforce empowers developers to be creative with the platform. Developers can ideate, innovate, and solve robust business challenges by leveraging the power of the platform. It’s interesting to see how companies have added tremendous value to their companies by building new technologies on the platform. This is another unique reason for Salesforce developers to be in such a huge demand; they bring change.

In the report mentioned above from International Data Corporation research, it is also mentioned that the Salesforce economy will be more than $859 billion in new business revenues worldwide, this results in the rise of demand for the Salesforce skills. New business to Salesforce means new customers signing off contracts every single day. And that means more vacancies for Salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants. This must be encouraging if you are already working on the Salesforce platform, or looking to find the right career opportunity for yourself. If you are a fresher, by now, you might have found enough reasons to kick start your career with Salesforce.

Do you have it in you to be a good Salesforce consultant? How do you pick a right Salesforce partner?