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The 1-step 'Configurable' Solution for Salesforce Audit Trails

Category: Solution awareness Reading time: 30 seconds or 5 minutes

A 30-second summary

360° Field History Tracking for Salesforce, by Solunus, gives you a simple configurable UI to perform auditing/tracking on salesforce data.

Worried about the 20-field limit for audits? No limits on the number, types or dependencies of data fields you want to track with 360°.

Configure. Sit back. Get reports!

Discover 360° Field History Tracking in 5 minutes

Organizations running on Salesforce to empower their sales or other business processes have one question unanswered:

How do we comprehensively track sales data, get the right insights and visualize the facts?

To answer this pressing question, we have built 360° Field History Tracking addressing your needs to audit Salesforce data, both from a business and a technology perspective.

In this short product-awareness article, we attempt to narrate the auditing/tracking problems faced by companies and how our solution deals with them (without any repetitive human task).

You can contact us to discuss further or have a walkthrough/demo once you see that the below information matches your audit trail requirements.

The Domain of Audit Trail

The Problems in Audit Trail

Below are some of the common problems that we observed in several companies, which eventually made us come up with an easy-to-use solution.