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Salesforce Spring ’23 Release: All You Need to Know

With Salesforce Winter ’23 release deployment, we need to start looking at what lies ahead as we’re approaching the dawn of the New Year – Salesforce Spring ’23 release. To stay ahead of the game, you need to learn how to prep your sandbox and when your instance will be upgraded. In this blog, we’ll shed light on

  • Tentative data for Salesforce Spring ’23 Release

  • Preview Information for Salesforce Spring ’23 Sandbox

  • Spring ’23 Pre-Release Org

  • Spring ’23 Pre-Release Notes

Tentative data for Salesforce Spring ’23 Release

Before making any major moves, you need to know when exactly your production instance be upgraded to the upcoming Salesforce Spring ’23 release. Therefore, it is imperative to test each main use case in your org prior to the tentative due date so you can ensure that everything is working fine. Though it is a well-known fact that Salesforce releases don’t have any major bugs, conducting these tests will increase your confidence.

While the Salesforce Spring ’23 release mainly depends on your Salesforce instance, the main Salesforce releases are scheduled for the weekends that are:

  • 13th January 2023

  • 3rd February 2023

  • 10th February 2023

Contrarily, if you know the instance where your production org is located, follow these steps to find out your Salesforce Spring ’23 release data for your org:

Source: Salesforce

  • Navigate to Salesforce Trust

  • Tap on your ‘Instance Name’

  • Click on ‘Maintenance’

Else, one of the fastest ways to discover which instance your production org is located, you need to navigate to ‘Setup’ in the ‘company information’ section in Salesforce.

Preview Information for Salesforce Spring ’23 Sandbox

The next thing you need to learn is when and how will your sandbox be upgraded. You should not skip this step as it is your moment to test your salesforce system on the latest release. Though you sign-up for the pre-release org, it won’t have your production instance configurations.

Based on whether your sandbox is a ‘pre-view instance’ or a ‘non-preview instance,’ Salesforce has two different releases windows. Based on the current scenario, Sandboxes are most likely to be upgraded on 6th January 2023.

Salesforce Spring ’23 Pre-Release Org and Release Notes

One of the best ways to get a sneak peek into the new Salesforce Releases are the Pre-Releases. To know more about the Pre-Releases, click here. And, the release notes will be available on 21st December, 2022.

Source: Salesforce

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