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Salesforce Service Cloud: All You Need to Know

What We Cover in This Blog

  • What Is Salesforce Service Cloud?

  • Why Salesforce Service Cloud?

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Features for Your Business

  • Integrations Available for Salesforce Service Cloud

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, Service Cloud gives you a 360-degree view of all your customers. While the number of customers using each of your product lines is an important metric, it is also important to measure the number of customers you’re retaining and the total customer lifetime value that you’re deriving.

Salesforce Service Cloud helps you recognize your customer’s needs and deliver highly personalized customer service. Also, you can create a robust knowledge base for your customers, manage various case interactions and enable live chat agents from a single platform.

Why Your Business Needs Salesforce Service Cloud?

Why Salesforce Service Cloud?

Relevant customer data empowers businesses and connects them to their customers on a whole new level. Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C organization, you will experience customers raising trouble tickets and queries now and then, which are taken care of by your customer service agents.

Salesforce Service Cloud helps you transform your customer service value chain by allowing you to track and resolve these issues on the fly. We will now delve deeper to understand how exactly Salesforce Service Cloud can help you achieve your customer experience goals.

  • Maximize Agent Productivity

With Salesforce Service Cloud, your service agents can work from any part of the world and resolve customer issues without any hurdles. Also, you can maximize the productivity of every agent with the tool by creating a robust knowledge base.

  • Ensure Excellent Security to Customer Data

As Salesforce Service Cloud uses a multilayered approach to protect your business data, you can be rest assured that all your information is sealed from any potential threats and completely secure.

  • Leverage Social Media Platforms to Engage Customers Effectively

Salesforce Service Cloud expands your reach on digital platforms, opening up opportunities to connect to your customers on Twitter and Facebook in real time. (We will learn more about this in the next section of this post.)

  • Track Cases Very Effectively

From helping you resolve issues faster and managing your agents’ activities better to reducing manual errors, Service Cloud allows you to track every single case that comes to your business with ease and high efficacy.

Salesforce Service Cloud thus helps businesses improve their customer support operations and provide an enhanced customer service experience.