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Salesforce Interaction Studio: Taking Customer Experiences to the Next Level

Who doesn’t want to stay ahead of the curve and expand their customer base? Everyone! To accomplish these goals, organizations require a next-level marketing tool. And what better way to achieve these goals than using Interaction Studio, a powerhouse of great insights for marketers from Salesforce.

In this blog, we’ll learn how you can leverage the amazing capabilities of Interaction Studio and deliver the best business value. But, before that, let’s understand what Interaction Studio is and how it can help your business.

What Is Interaction Studio?

Interaction Studio (presently known as Marketing Cloud Personalization) is an interaction management and real-time personalization tool that helps you understand diverse customer behaviors and respond to them promptly. So, what does it exactly mean?

For those getting started with this tool, it can help marketers promote customized products and services that are relevant to specific customers and prospects across various channels like email, mobile and web, all in real time.

For instance, you can capture your customers' web sessions as they navigate through various pages of your website. Armed with this data, you can customize your product/service offerings, page imagery and content suggestions in real time for each prospect. Thus, it enables organizations to personalize web experiences for each customer.

How to Leverage Marketing Cloud Personalization (Interaction Studio) to Create Highly Customized Customer Journeys?

Execute Campaigns Faster: Let Salesforce Einstein Do the Work for You

Building personalized and highly dynamic email campaigns requires considerable technical expertise; marketers need to implement robust customer scoring models and run custom queries. To get these campaigns up and running, you need a developer who can help you build the right front-end logic and deliver customized content to every user.

With Interaction Studio, you can bypass all these technical requirements as Einstein from Salesforce can be used to perform all these activities for you. This is possible because all your data is auto-synced with Interaction Studio in real time.

You can run engaging campaigns using the following three steps as soon as your team comes up with an offer.

  1. Define your visitor segments in Interaction Studio without using any code.

  2. Identify the content on your web page you want to use in your campaigns or decide on a template you want to use for email campaigns.

  3. Enable Personalization Builder to ensure your campaigns perfectly align with each member of your target audience. Next, preview the results and execute the campaign.

With Interaction Studio, marketers can deploy highly personalized campaigns that otherwise require complex AMP scripts written by the developer.

Leverage Interaction Studio and Marketing Cloud to Enhance Your Customer’s Offline Experience