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Salesforce Commerce Cloud — The Gateway to B2B E-Commerce Success

The B2B world is fast changing – the digital revolution has dramatically transformed the way companies choose vendors and buy products. The business organization of the 21st century places equal emphasis on customer service as the products it purchases; a survey by Salesforce reveals more than 80% of online B2B buyers opine the quality of customer experience provided by a company is as important as the products and services it delivers. The survey also showed 70% of these companies want vendors to provide ‘Amazon-like’ online shopping experiences, indicating they wish to have seamless customer journeys.

How can you meet the needs of new-age customers? What does it take to ensure hassle-free B2B buying experiences online? You need to use a robust e-commerce platform that fully supports digital transactions and provides delightful experiences to corporate shoppers. One of the most widely used solutions to facilitate effective B2B digital commerce is Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Today, we will see how this innovative solution helps you deliver top-notch online services to your customers, in detail.

Make online B2B selling highly effective with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is power-packed with various features that allow you to deliver memorable buying experiences. The novel product helps you:

Ensure highly effective customer self-service

Today’s customer wishes to know all about a product himself before making a purchase; a study by Microsoft reveals more than 90% of customers want companies to provide a portal, where they can find answers to all their product-related queries. Companies that provide excellent experiences to prospects in their search for online information stand a very good chance of converting the prospects into actual customers.

You can use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to empower customers with all the information they need. The powerful B2B e-commerce application allows businesses and their channel partners to develop customer portals rapidly, with little effort. These portals can be used to allow customers to find out everything they need, anytime, at any place, using any connected device.

Deliver fully-connected, perfectly contextualized buying experiences

The millennial customer expects companies to facilitate a completely-integrated buying journey that delivers contextualized engagement. In fact, a survey by Salesforce has shown 76% of online B2B purchasers want businesses to fully understand how they utilize various products and services. However, delivering contextualized experiences on-demand is fraught with difficulty as customer information is collected at multiple touchpoints, using different channels.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables you to overcome this challenge. You can use the digital commerce solution to provide a single, comprehensive view of the customer, and this goes a long way in delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. According to a study commissioned by Salesforce, top-performing companies are at least 1.4 times more likely to have a smooth flow of customer information between their sales and service functions and 1.6 times more likely to have service people who proactively alert sales personnel to potential sales, compared to average-performing organizations.

Tailor solutions perfectly to the needs of the customer

Personalization of the buying experience is a critical element of B2B digital selling success. According to a research report, customers are 2.1 times more likely to view personalized offers as important, compared to generic messages. The report further adds e-mails and newsletters customized to address specific problems faced by the customer