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Salesforce Advertising Studio Simplified

An upscale solution of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), Advertising Studio helps marketers digitize their efforts at scale and target the right audiences to reach business goals effectively. It allows you to create unique experiences for customers while displaying ads to your target audience. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the features and benefits of Salesforce Advertising Studio. Also, we’ll learn how to set up Salesforce Advertising Studio.

Importance of Advertising Studio

Let’s take a look at why advertising studio is essential for your marketing.

  1. The Journey builder feature enhances every user’s buyer’s journey.

  2. Drastically boosts your email marketing campaigns.

  3. It acts as the heart of Marketing in the Marketing Cloud.

  4. It allows you to capture leads from your social accounts based on the profile of the top buyers. This cycle increases your revenue.

Benefits of Salesforce Advertising Studio

  • Engage with inactive customers in an efficacious manner.

  • Speed up your lead generation process by sending leads from social handles to Salesforce.

  • Hunt for more leads and customers who exhibit behaviors similar to those of your current high-value customers.

  • Access data from various Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud etc.

Features of Advertising Studio

1. Journey Builder Advertising

Journey Builder lets you map out a wide array of customer activities that leads them to the desired endpoint. As it follows the proposition of a goal defined for every single journey, it will help you stick to a more logical and data-driven approach.

Let’s say the end goal that a marketer has to focus on is making customers register for an online event. To achieve this end goal, a series of steps must be followed in the buyer’s journey. With Journey Builder, you can plan the configuration of each step that a customer will take to sign up for the virtual event. Many a time, it enables you to cater to the needs of customers who might steer away when they’re halfway through.

Journey Builder empowers you to include the required direction to get these lost customers back on track by sending an email or a mobile notification. Also, it helps you picture the one-on-one customer experience throughout the buyer’s journey.

2. Advertising Audience

Advertising Audience from Salesforce Advertising Studio is an excellent tool that lets you group audiences based on particular demographics and customize your ads to meet their needs. It also allows you to generate look-alike leads accordingly. To utilize this feature, you need to create an ad account on Facebook or Twitter based on your requirements.