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Perfect the Art of Virtual Selling with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Covid-19 has impacted possibly every aspect of human life. The pandemic has destroyed lives and livelihood and thrown all industries out of gear, mandating the adoption of innovative measures for business continuity and sustainability. Among global lockdowns and economic aftershocks, the traditional business operating methods seemed obsolete. Every business domain, including B2B sales, has struggled to survive in the changing economic landscape and sudden shifts in customer behavior.

Changes in B2B Selling Landscape

The pandemic has compelled businesses to devise new B2B sales strategies such as reducing spends, accelerated digital adoption, and selling remotely, making digital selling trends a new normal.

More than 75 percent of buyers and sellers have started preferring digital, remote, and self-serve human engagement over face-to-face interactions for safety, speed, convenience, ease of searching for information, arranging services, and placing an order. Further, only 20 percent of B2B buyers plan to return to in-person sales, even in those industries where field sales models dominated traditionally.

While buyers and customers are willingly embracing digital selling, software tools like Salesforce Sales Cloud, with its innovative features, present the perfect option to adopt accelerated digital selling.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s most popular and top-rated CRM software. The cloud-based CRM tool enables businesses to access complete customer information online, from any device, across the globe, anytime. Specifically designed for salespeople, Sales Cloud maintains your leads, customers, and sales information by keeping everything linked and effectively handling data, notes, metrics, and more in one place. It offers businesses the capability to redefine how they connect with their customers by creating more meaningful relationships.

Further, Sales Cloud helps organizations proactively target diverse audiences and set critical alerts and scores based on individual leads. You can use this CRM platform across departments to empower all customer-facing teams with the correct data and create a remarkable user experience.

Key benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

With its numerous, innovative features, Salesforce Sales Cloud can help you sell digitally even in the current changing marketplace. Some of its benefits are outlined below.

Sell from Anywhere, Anytime

Being a cloud-based tool, Sales Cloud always provides you with up-to-date data irrespective of the time and place of access, which is the pressing need of today’s businesses.

Further, it continues to offer more seamless, virtual interactions with its new features. Salesforce Meetings is one such feature that makes virtual conversations more engaging. Before any meeting, a sales team can have a 360-degree view of all attendees on a single screen that includes account history, bios, and open service cases. During the call, both the presenter and the presentation are displayed for a more engaging experience. On the other hand, after the meeting, automated action items let the salesperson create a contact for a new decision-maker or schedule a follow-up call.

With complete integration of Salesforce’s digital skilling platform, myTrailhead, into Sales Cloud, it becomes quick and easy to onboard new sales reps with relevant training resources accessible right from their workspace. An existing sales team can also access appropriate enablement materials such as competitor analyses.