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23 Interesting Salesforce Statistics and Facts in 2023

Amazing Salesforce Statistics and Facts in 2023

Read this post to know 23 amazing facts and statistics about Salesforce.

We all know Salesforce is one of the most widely used IT platforms in the corporate world; the software behemoth offers a plethora of very powerful, business-user-friendly capabilities that make it immensely popular with companies of all sizes across the industry spectrum. Today, we’ll look at 23 interesting statistics and facts about this well-known organization.

Statistics and Facts that Showcase Salesforce’s Size and Market Share

1. Salesforce Is Used by Nearly 23% of Companies Across the World

Salesforce has been ranked the #1 CRM company by International Data Corporation (IDC) in the latest edition of its global semi-annual software tracker. This is the 9th time the San Fransisco-based IT major achieved the place of pride. It is interesting to note Salesforce is used by more than 22.9% of businesses worldwide, and this figure is more than the combined share of its nearest competitors viz. Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Adobe, which occupy 5.8%, 5.1%, 4.7% and 3.6% of the CRM market respectively.

Salesforce Ranked #1 in CRM Market Share

Source: Salesforce

2. Nearly 150,000 Companies Use Salesforce

More than 150,000 businesses harness the rich features of Salesforce to delight their customers and grow their revenues. These include world-renowned companies such as KFC, Edelweiss, Amazon, Walmart, Toyota, The Hershey Company and many more.

3. Salesforce Earned a Revenue of 7.84 billion USD in Q3 2022

Salesforce has earned a revenue of 7.84 billion USD in the quarter ending September 30, 2022; the revenue increased 14% Year-on-Year (YoY). The company also returned 1.7 billion USD to its shareholders in the third quarter of 2022 in the form of share repurchases.

4. The Americas Are the Largest Market for Salesforce Products

The American continents contributed 14.74 billion USD (69.34%) of Salesforce’s total annual revenue in 2021. Revenue from clients in the region has increased by 22.32% over the past year; however, this rate of growth is lower than the worldwide average of 29.04%. Here is the region-wise breakup of the IT giant’s revenue.

Salesforce's Revenue by Regions

5. Service Cloud Is the Biggest Revenue Earner for Salesforce

Service Cloud was the biggest contributor to Salesforce’s revenue in 2021. Revenue from the product totaled 5.38 billion (26.93% of all subscription and support revenue). Sales Cloud occupied the second position by contributing 5.19 billion USD (25.97% of the company’s subscription and support revenue). Salesforce’s platform-based solutions together with MuleSoft and Tableau contributed 6.27 billion USD (31.38% of the IT major’s subscription and support revenue), while Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud accounted for 3.13 billion USD (15.66% of the organization’s subscription and support revenue).

Salesforce Revenue by Products

6. Salesforce Has 110 Offices Across the World

Salesforce has 110 offices located in 89 cities in different parts of the world. You can find Salesforce towers in 6 cities viz., San Fransisco, Atlanta, Indianapolis, London, New York and Tokyo, while 3 towers are under construction in Sydney, Dublin and Chicago.

7. Salesforce Partners Will Earn 5.80 USD for Every 1 USD Made by Salesforce

A study by IDC predicts Salesforce partner ecosystem will make 5.80 USD for every 1 USD earned by the CRM solutions provider, by 2024.

Statistics and Facts Pertaining to Salesforce’s Headcount

1. Salesforce employs more than 79,000 people

Salesforce provides employment to more than 79,000 people. If all Salesforce employees were to gather at one place, they would overflow the American football stadium, Levi’s Stadium, the home arena of San Francisco 49ers.

2. More than 50% of Salesforce’s US Workforce is Made Up of People from Underrepresented Groups

50.7% of Salesforce’s employees in the US come from underrepresented sections of society viz. women, African-Americans, Latinx, indigenous American, multi-racial, LGBTQ+, differently-abled and veterans.